Rabbit Rescues

Every year, many thousands of rabbits end up in rescues for one reason or another. Sometimes they are fortunate enough to find adoptive homes reasonably quickly, but many more spend months waiting to go to their permanent home.

This month we feature one rescue, and rabbits that have been with them for some time, who would make lovely pets.

Can you offer them a great home?

There are thousands of bunnies patiently waiting for a second chance and a forever home. If you have a single bunny please think about getting him or her a friend, or perhaps you have room to take on a pair of bunnies? Rescue bunnies are often vaccinated and neutered already, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have saved a bunny and that the rescue will be able to save another one in its place.

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre was founded in 1986, and has taken in and rehomed thousands of animals. Many people comment on the unusual combination of cats and rabbits. This came about when Monique Turk, the CRRC Founder realized very few organizations were able to take rabbits, although a huge number were looking for homes.

The Centre usually has an average of 30 rabbits at one time, all looking for that forever home, this includes pairs and single males and females for those rabbits who are looking for a friend. As rabbits are sociable animals we believe that they should live together in pairs and therefore we do not rehome rabbits to live singly. All our rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD and all adults are neutered (if too young to be neutered, they come back to The Centre for their neutering).

Since January 2012 the CRRC carries out bonding on site. This bonding process significantly decreases any chance of injuries being caused to a rabbit when either no, or incorrect bonding has taken place and does in fact make their bond stronger due to the intensity of this process. We only provide this service for those people who are adopting a rabbit from the Rescue. Special bonding pens are made up for the rabbits and it includes walking the rabbits, car journeys and supervision for up to 5 hours per day by trained staff. Generally the bonding will take place over one week. This does however depend on the rabbits and can therefore take a little longer sometimes.

Every Sunday between 2.00pm and 3.30pm anyone considering adopting a rabbit(s) or a guinea pig can visit the Centre without an appointment to come and see them and are able to reserve for up to 3 weeks. The staff here will be able to give guidance on accommodation style and type. All our adoptions are subject to a pre home visit.

We only rehome within our area specified on our website www.crrc.co.uk , and if interested in adopting a rabbit, there is an online form on our website.

Bakewell and Suet

Bakewell, the white and brown spayed female, and Suet a neutered male, both 4 years old, we have bonded them, and they really do love each other. Bakewell was given up in 2010, as the owner was unable to cope, and Suet has been here since 2009, as his owner was in financial difficulties. These two older rabbits have been at the centre for a long time and would really love to find a new home together.

bakewell and suet

Scrumpy Jack

Scrumpy Jack, a young neutered male has been here since August, and was one of 14 rabbits all living in 2 hutches! He is young friendly rabbit who is looking for a new home with a spayed female.

scrumpy jack

The RWAF has a database of rescue centres. If you're looking for one near you, please get in touch.

You can also get information on local rescues from these websites

If you're not able to take on a rescue bunny or two this year you can still help! Please spread the word about rabbit rescue. Not everyone is aware that rabbit rescues exist, and you can help a rescue on a practical level by offering to help muck out, or donating food, toys or hay. Why not find out where your local rescue is and get in touch, to see if you can help?